Brenna Collen Dee, LMT

When I was sixteen, I traveled to Nepal. There was a single definable moment, standing of the steps of Pashputhinath temple, when I was filled with the knowledge that I would spend my life pursuing the healing arts. After graduating high school later that year, I moved into a place of my own and set my sights on massage school. While I waited to turn eighteen, I worked on the mountain as a photographer and continued to explore the mountains of my home, spending as much time as possible with the wilderness.

Massage school was unlike any challenge I had faced before. The twelve-week intensive took place in Crestone, Colorado. This geographical location is renowned for its powers of amplification, intensifying energy and experience. From day one, we were taught that as practitioners of the healing arts,  our role is as a facilitator. Learning to stay grounded and maintain healthy boundaries has enabled me to pursue this work in a sustainable way. Since graduating in 2010, I have maintained the belief that healing happens within the body. I do not consider myself a healer, though I have studied many healing modalities.

Yoga is an essential part of my life and has been since discovering it online in 2010. There was a yoga requirement in my massage training and I am so grateful for that beginning. My practice creates the foundation from which all else is possible. Currently, I am pursuing my BA in Yoga Studies from Naropa University.

My preferred title is healing artist. When not practicing my primary art form of massage, I can be found creating in other mediums. Painting and drawing have been my main points of focus until recently. Pottery has become my new artistic obsession. Another skill I have been honing since childhood, all those hours pinching pots from clay deposits on our ranch have really paid off. Working with high-temperature atmospheric firing processes is incredibly exciting.

Music and dance are some of my favorite medicines, especially under wide-open skies. Camping, hiking, walking to school and work, I do everything that I can to be outside. . This human life is a miraculous one. To exist here in this fantastic bodies is truly a gift.