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Bodywork at it’s best.

We spend our entire lives with this body and yet, so often, when times of stress arise, we retreat to the whirr of thoughts inside our heads. While this may be a necessary tool in managing the stress of modern life, becoming disconnected from the body is the price that many people pay. When we ignore our bodies for too long, they start to cry out. Our muscles ache, our fascia burns, our joints grind.

I am here to help you make a real change. Not just a relaxing massage, every session is an invitation to lay down the burdens of the mind and reconnect to this precious human form. With an intuitively blended combination of techniques, your body is welcomed exactly as it is. You are welcome exactly as you are. Through deep and gentle massage, you are invited to unwind old postural habits and make space for new patterns. Every session both functional and relaxing, sending you back to your busy life more relaxed and confident that you can carry any burden.